Central Data Service

Letter to my local MP (Jeremy Corbyn) to be posted and released here on day of book poubliccation!

Email : davidn@dfdn.line.pm

(44) (0) 7943055280

After much heart searching, I have decided a proactive response to the anarchism which is the Child Maintainance service, it's conduct (yes, including during the cost of living crisis, and the Covid-19 pandemic!!!) is to be released here on the day of the publication of my book "When the Nightmare Came."

Other organisations colluding in the financial abuse perpetrated by my former wife, the CMS on her behalf and others will be named and shamed publically. On the day my book is published, and the video due for release the same day, I am to post a letter to the local member of Parliament which will also be published online. (The reply will be published online later). And others colluding in the abuse will be named and shamed. Also, I will contact the body overseeing the conduct of medical professionals, warning of my former wife's character - the letter is also to be published on the website. I am planning her downfall too. And as I just informed Gloria - I may even do so when in quarantine in Ouagadougou or shortly afterwards. Further details will appear shortly.

In my life, this vile woman and the whole Tory concocted CMS (a product of their ideology, like the poll tax before it) came into my life like a sledgehammer. I can only manage a pinprick with the small resources available to be right now - but it will be delivered as precisely as a marksman's bullit right into the heart.

Remember - Further details will follow shortly....


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