A warm welcome to Eniola...

This page is about Eniola, a Burkinabe lady who is to join us here having been approved by the head of the organisation (that's me, the site designer) in Burkina Faso. A warm welcome to Eniola. Congratulations to her too! She is our newest addition. She is a close friend of Gloria. She is taking a business course. A valuble addition because one thing I do need is someone who knows the local market dynamics well. Whereas it is of course possible to bring in someone external, it will cost a lot and furthermore, external hiring is in the future. Let us walk before we learn to run.

Email : eniola@dfdn.info

(44) (0) 7943055280

Eniola to begin a new and better life here in Burkina Faso, and to join the business. She will have a new career, and future. She is a Burkinabe citizen and a close friend of Gloria's. I agreed to leet her join as soon as we are estabished. Further details will appear here as soon as they are avilable.

Eniola is not, of course, alone in beginning a new life; I myself am currently rebuilding my life following ten years of abuse, it has been a long road indeed. And I can also 'give the V sign' to UK living costs too! She will be learning about the business with me also. She is currently studying banking and finance and has useful skills to offer.

Plenty more to come here soon...

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