A warm welcome to Gloria...

This page is about Gloria Willos (soon to be Norris?), a Burkinabé lady from Ouagadougou. Congratulations to her! She is a lady from a country many people have never even heard of, Burkina Faso, and who is to be my new partner. She will be helping me with the new business which I am to establish in a country not known for its electronics industry. A big welcome to my life, and congratulations to her for becoming my new lady. As to the story of how we met, I will be writing about that story on another occasion. It is a rather long one indeed!

Email : gloria@dfdn.info

(44) (0) 7943055280

Gloria is to begin a new and better life with me in Ouagadougou, she has captured an English gentleman and we have plans for the future. She will have a new career, a new family (she is now the only surviving member of her family, which I promised to save from extinction!) and is a co-founder of our family business.

She is leaving behind an old life, just as I am, and has the honour to 'recruit' a modern, 21st century, university educated man! We are discussing starting our business after my in Burkina Faso.

Despite being a citizen of a francophone country, her English is so good that she can almost pass as British born! Indeed, I marvel at her mastery of English.

Gloria is not, of course, alone in beginning a new life; I myself am currently rebuilding my life following ten years of abuse, it has been a long road indeed.

Plenty more to come here soon...

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