"You came through the worst of times, be proud of what you have achieved in a very short period but also remember your daughters. We Africans value children so much and given your unbiased beliefs and love for a different race for romance, I'd say you will be as successful as you want to be." -James Ekwem, business partner

Outlook for the Future

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The sequence of events which changed my outlook on life forever...

In 2014 I was an (unhappily) married man with no international plans or outlook, no clear career goal and a presumption that I would go on living in the United Kingdom for the rest of my days. Yet eight years later, I am on the brink of pulling off fthe biggest and most dramatic change in family history (and with wide implications for that of others too). What changed in such a dramatic fashion to bring about the downfall, first of an abusive marriage and then the downfall of the family's old ways life? Which is to change the course of family history forever???? And what are the consequences for all concerned?

Here is a timeline of the events which brought me from being just another unhappily married man drifting on in life into an international man now the verge of transforming the course of family hisory (my own and that of others) forever...


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