A warm welcome to Sandy (Shaki Oderogado)...

This page is about Shaki Odarogado, a Burkinabé lady from Ouagadougou. She a lady from a country many people have never even heard of, Burkina Faso, and who is to be one of our founding members. She is a close friend of Gloria and I welcome her to the business. She spent some years in Australia, and I welcome her home. She goes by the name of Sandy, easier to remember, pronounce and spell for an Anglophile, - including for an English gentleman! She is a native French speaker and speaks English reasonably well.

Email : sandy@dfdn.info

(44) (0) 7943055280

Despite being a citizen of a Francophone country, her English is adequate, and she may later provide assistance in training for non-English speakers who later join.

Plenty more to come here soon...

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