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Online English teaching during the visit to China (for a cultural Exchange)

Email : davidn@dfdn.info

(44) (0) 7943055280 (I have a China Mobile SIM card also).

I am going to teach for a period at Yancheng Institute of Technology in Yancheng, Tinghu district, Jiangsu province, China. The nearest airport is Yancheng Nanyang Airport (YNZ).

***Please note: Students should continue to schedule classes until further notice - China out of hours blocks now put in place. Please note that my departure date is Saturday, May 25th from LHR; return is late on the 16th of June..You will be notified if lessons need to be moved out of them. Please note that whe whole of China is in a single timezone; Beijing time is UTC+8. I anticipate that there will be limited avaibability for English language students in Europe, Asia and Africa during this period; unfortunately, if you are in Latin America the only availability during the period is likely to be limited and at weekends. Whereas I will aim to minimise disruption for English language students, some rescheduling and a limited schedule are unavoidable. be aware that I am currently working on a plan to go on to either Gambia or Nigeria thereafter; the respective timezones are UTC/UTC+1. So - availability will return to nearer normal. Further details will be issued later.***

Please be advised that I may be traveling to China for a longer period in 2024, and later, Africa. Further details will be announced later.

Please see the timetables below for explanation of how and why your lessons will be rescheduled during this period. I appologise in advaince for any inconvenience - but I cannot allow an oportunity like this to go to waste!

KEY: Green: available for English teaching during the times indicated. Red: Not available for English teaching during the periods indicated. Amber: may be available - to be confirmed later. These times are in British summer time, BST, UTC+1.

Blue: these are actual teaching times (Beijing time, UTC+8) for engineering teaching.

***Strong recommendation***: if you are unable to take lessons during this period, I am here over the Christmas and New Year period. And I would recommend rescheduling lessons you cannot take while I am in China, it will prevent you from getting too out of practice, and to be honest the income during this difficult time of year would be much appreciated! David


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