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"You came through the worst of times, be proud of what you have achieved in a very short period but also remember your daughters. We Africans value children so much and given your unbiased beliefs and love for a different race for romance, I'd say you will be as successful as you want to be." - James Ekwem, business partner

Why I have taken the decision to leave the UK forever... Once gone, I intend to stay gone. Enough is Enough.

The sequence of events which changed my life forever

Wind of Change

Our elected representatives make me ahamed to be a citizen of the UK. Watch and find out why.

And now an economist agrees - under 50? Leave the failing UK. (And then watch it crash and burn on CNN).

Teaching when travelling

Computing Advice

Why I quit as a mini-cab driver

Complete Rip Off!

Nightmare Products which have somehow lasted forever!

A real interview for a job in China

Introduction video for the Chinese teaching market

Cautionary Tales - Hindsight is a cruel messanger...

What happens if poor people cannot pay? What can thugs (baliffs) legally enter your home and take?

How the Conservative Party destroyed Britain - John O'Brien from LBC

England & Wales divorce law at the time of my divorce (2017).

The diabolical state of the UK economy (so, why am I starting a new life overseas again???)

My former wife should never be a nurse. She was asking questions about inherritance two days after my father passed away, before he even had his funeral. My story will be told when my book "When the Nightmare Came". We will see why my fears are entirely justified. Abusers want their victims to suffer in slilence and alone. This is why they try to isolate their victims - to cut them off from their support network.

Lucy Letby and my ex-wife look friendly, approachable and professional - on the surface. But dig a bit deeper, and expose the truth to the world. Their fake public mantra belies an awful truth. My ex wife did all she could to silence me. I am silent no more.

Is my ex-wife the next NHS serial killer in waiting? Well, geriatrics would be her choice of victim. Inherritance money...

War, under international law, has rules. Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, doesn't follow them. But - does Israel? And who really started this enduring conflict?

5th Aniversery video for my ladies...

Street markets and food in Burkina Faso

Polyamory - an number of perspectives in 2023

Polyamory - love against the odds

Polyamory - experts speak on non-manogomy

Polyamory and non-manogamy

What being the head of a polyamorous family is really like! I describe myself as a modern 21st century man - in many respects. And this one is no exception.

What relationships involving one or more bisexuals are really like!. Some people give their own perspective.

Second Opinion: the ten best African countries to find a wife - I maybe the author never tried Burkina Faso?

What alternative relationships are like: reallyPolyamorous, Bisexial and Married

Why I am seeking an alternative to Preply...

Christmas 2023 video for my ladies (online)

Making work pay: In work Poverty: As the years have gone by, this phrasse is more and more common. Work is increasingly. not a genuine route out of poverty for many British people. And do not let the government's propagnda tell you a pack of lies.

Grenfell Tower Disaster: the truth exposed. A tale of cost saving, at any cost. This disaster happened shortly after I finished family court. I remember it well.

...And in my case I have an extra reason working in the UK doesn't pay: see my campaign I plan to embark on. Currently on my Gemini serice.


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