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Welcome to The Norris Family site

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"A modern 21st century man from an outdated 19th century family"


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***Breaking news***: I have been awarded a contract to teach at Shanxi Normal University starting September 1st. It is counter-signed by the vice principal and finalised. So, when I get back in London I have much planning and preparation to do! I asked for the pictures of me teaching here in the first week; I think this helped to persuade them. It would not have made any difference in the UK (nobody is taken on their merits any more when it comes to jobs); but this is China. The contract begins in September; I will be saving up for a visit to my lady in Burkina Faso during the summer recess next year. Living costs are low here in China; unlike inthe UK I can actually ***SAVE*** (everything is just so expensive there; try looking at rents in the UK and you will get a clue(!) and I will not begin a new family in poverty; it is not my way of doing things!). Here is the website: https://www.snnu.edu.cn/ David

***ADVANCE NOTICE*** My 'old life' in the UK is coming to an end. This has been known in my close circles for some time, but a date has yet to be confirmed. This should not come as any surprise to anyone. See here for the 'why'.

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***Breaking News!***I am going to China in 2024 to finance my relocation. Likely plan is that I take part in the next cultural exchenge in November, and then work for a term in China teaching English from February to July, visiting Africa before returning for a complete year in China to raise money to begin the business I wish to launch in West Africa. Why not finger me (finger davidn@dfdn.info) to see how I am getting on?

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In my life it seems, beautiful things come in threes! Burkinabe (as the people of Burkina Faso are known) are very nice ladies and they seem very interested in dating a European man. We are even considering establishing a dating service, maybe named Burkinable Introductions (No, I might not be joking), so watch this space! The three ladies here are all orphaned ladies who see me as a father figure. And I 'give them hope of a future'. Food for thought indeed. We will discuss this on my (long awaited!) arrival.

You can find my current availability (in your own timezone) here: Read only, restricted details for security and confidentiality reasons, and to prevent misuse.

For more details about my ladies and how we met, hear the whole story! Please note, this is restricted to local or logged in users only.

My Linkedin Profile

*** New Outschool class "A Young Person's Introduction to Electronics" ***

For more details about the letter which I plan to write to my local MP (Jeremy Corbyn), see here. Please note, this will be updated shortly.

I qualified in November 2021 to teach English as a foreign language, having gained my TEFL certificate. An English teacher from London, United Kingdom, I am now certified to teach English as a Foreign or second language. It is not only English I am planning to teach; I have sucessfully taught a large Chinese engineering group previously, and plan to do so again. I also plan to teach Electronics on Outschool this coming autumn ('fall' in the USA), and there are plans to potentially teach physics and mathematics also. Although Preply is a good place to start, there are a lot of things I hate if I am being honest - trial lessons where the student pays full rate, and yet the teacher earns not a cent; and the fact that only single student lessons are supported - precisely why I wish to teach group lessons - they pay better, I will have a new family to support and I also need to save to start the business. But for now my Preply profile can be found here: [Current Preply Profile:] My background is, of course, in engineering with other knowledge and experience to share. I am a native English speaker with a clear, British accent. It has been said that I speak 'Oxford English' - of course, this is a matter of opinion! I am interested in a range of subjects which include politics, astronomy, sociology and world affairs. I am also passionate about nature and the environment (I try to be as green as possible). I am a licensed radio amateur holding a full UK licence since 1995, and love outdoor pursuits which include hiking and cycling. I am keen to travel the world and enjoy meeting people from faraway places.

Failure is not an option...

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Happy Christmas Ouagadougou! Photovoltaic (Solar) power to 3 phase AC!

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For more information about my teaching activities (English and Engineering):

*** BREAKING NEWS *** New eBook publishing venture under development

Solar (Photovoltaic) powered products for the market - coming soon!!!

For more information about me, see here...

Information about Gloria...

Information about Sandy...

Information about Ade...

Information about Eniola...

I am the one in charge. Get me the resources, and I will get the done!

Main Products (This site is still being set up so more items will be added over time):

New Outschool class "A Young Person's Introduction to Electronics" Schedule to follow...

New photovoltaic products under development for the West African Market

Why I am, never have been, and never will be, interested in the UK property market.

Why UK Family law is an abusers' charter... And why my life - and career - willl never devalop until I leave the UK.

Why do I like African Ladies? And why do they like me?

General interest pages

The sequence of events which changed my life forever

***Update 1: Eventual withdrawl and relocation from the UK***: Please be advised that I intend to relocate permanently from the UK as soon as I have a job overseas. This should not have come as any surprise to anyone: I have a number of reasons to relocate, and it has been known in my close circles for years that I am opposed to the diabolical fashion in which this country is being run, in addition to the need to modernise my family. The end of my old life in the UK is certain, but a date has yet to be set.

I am utterly sick of medling UK 'GOVERNMENT' - (and if you can call them that, I don't!) bureaucrats micromanaging every aspect of my life - when they cannot even run the country responsibly (Try, for example, a Google search for Liz Truss, or 'herd immunity'!! I do not need them making decisions for me, any more than I needed my ex-wife to do so. It is ***MY DECISION TO GO TO BURKINA FASO, AND AS A FIERCELY INDEPENDANT 50 YEAR OLD MAN I AM ENTIRELY CAPABLE OF MAKING DECISIONS FOR MYSELF. THANKYOU VERY MUCH!***

So, I long for the day I will leave here... and prepare to watch this incompetently run country 'Crash and Burn' on CNN.

Why am I seeking work in countries such as China in the interim period? In the UK your money evaporates as soon as you get it; living costs are outragious (like burning your pay packet every week); in China living costs are LOW, so I can actually ***SAVE***. And, for example houses can be bought outright in West Africa for less than the equivilent of 10000 GBP; compare and contrast this with the UK where my generation are priced out of the market unless you have inherritance (BUT see the link below!). A financial no-brainer then, and it should come as little surprise that I have a ruthless modernisation plan which includes withdrawing the whole family history from the UK.

If you want to know how owning your own home became unaffordable in the UK. see here; it is jaw dropping.

Update 2: I plan to campaign against the UK government's treatment of fathers; further details to appear here at a later date. I am consulting within my close circles as I write this.

*** Update 3: See also why investing ANYTHING in the UK should be avoided like the plague.*** The UK's hidden 'responsible behaviour swindle - exposed! (Gemini Link)

And now, an economist agrees with my stance on television: inequality (and in particular, generational inequality) mean that the my generation should leave the UK for a better quality of life. What will it take to make the politicians listen???And since when have they believed that inequality will repair the failing economy?

My book - a work in progress, coming soon.

Title: When The Nightmare Came. The true story of how and why I am now divorced. It makes for harrowing reading but if you are curious, follow this llink...

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My vision for the future...

The story of my fight to get to university: a bit of a long read, but its how it all began.

Poorly designed everyday products which simply refuse to go away

Into the dark: The long term fate of our dying universe

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